Sunday, November 16, 2008

Joey Lawrence

I know this might look some pirated and violation of other's property, but I can't help to spread to the whole world how breath-taking were the photos taken by Joey Lawrence.
the homepage

Though I'm not really into any photo-shooting spirit and sense, but I had gotten compliment from a friend of mine which I have the "sense of photo". I shot some nice pictures, but compared to this renowned artist, it was really like the junk by the road side.

fragile life form by the roadside

Seriously, it might not be inspiring to some of you but, seriously, those are goo pictures, with the colouration of emphasized items and object, it seems that every picture taken was able to tell a story out by itself.

man in the busy street

Surprisingly, "Twilight" was also shot by him! The famous movie-transformed novel by Stephanie Meyer!

Please do visit the site. You will be surprised how we missed the beauties in life.

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