Sunday, November 02, 2008

Loy Krathong ลอยกระทง

The Siamese Lantern Festival, a.k.a. Loy Krathong has yet to be an major event celebrated by Chinese and Siamese Community in Terengganu. For years, the event was held in Kuala Ibai Golf Resort, which was a fairly commodious venue to fit in mass visitor.

"Loi" means "to float". "Krathong" is a raft about a handspan in diameter traditionally made from a section of banana tree trunk (although modern-day versions use specially made bread 'flowers' and may use styrofoam), decorated with elaborately-folded banana leaves, flowers, candles, incense sticks etc. During the night of the full moon, many people will release a small raft like this on a river.
Colourful lantern which is expensive
The major event of the festive was to release the handspan lantern into the river, along with wishes and blessings from the monk from Thailand. The lantern was rather hard to lit as the wind was strong the other night. we've tried for half an hour to wait for the flame to stabilize and release into river.
the lantern I bought...  colour was rather simple
lanterns in the river
 There is also a dragon boat situated in the middle of the river, believed that symbolized that the messenger from the heaven above. Though I am a Catholic, I wasn't taboo in these Buddhism believes. Ultimately, all religion also leads disciple to virtue rather than vice!
Blurry view of the yards away dragon boat
lucky pick branches

Other than the traditional shadow play, there is also this lucky pick branches where some sort of lucky draw. It was so costly where you might get a pack of junk food for RM1 play! The event was so crowded as they begin to dismiss only after 12. It was a nice event to get along with as you may influenced by the energetic performance by the Siamese singers and dancers. The only regret is that they do not show much Thai food which was my original intention to come!

Loy... Loy... Krathong!


Anonymous said...

Wow ! That's amazing Loy Krathong (ลอยกระทง). Really want to go to Thailand.

--kAiBa-- said...

thanks for viewing!
Need not to go to Thailand to experience this happening event, you can find it in Terengganu also!

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