Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Coconut House

This is "suppose" to be a famous dining place where seriously I've never been there before. It was originated from the magazine publisher with the same name where it turn into F&B business after the termination of the magazine business. The shop original in the crowded downtown of KL was moved to the 3twosquare near Paramount Garden. It was a rather easy-to-find spot compare to the dontown's as they provided a super clear map:
This place serves some delightful Italian cuisine including soup and pastries for appetizers, pizzas, steak and shops for main course, some chips and salad side dish, also tiramisu and some sherbet.
As since this visit was a try-out trip, we didn't order much from the menu as the price was quite pricey. But their home made charcoal toasted pizzas are good~ seriously good. Recommended the "Company of Mushroom Brothers" (if I'm not mistaken) also please try out the tiramisu. 

Maybe this shop was just a new moving in or it is this, the decor was rather poor and the temperature was not as cooling. They have wide varieties of music which I believe you can request personally from the wall-sized CD rack

a peek inside
It was quite a leisure and relaxing places if you could not find a hang out point around PJ area. Other from the crowded mamaks and some dull HK-styled restaurant, you may want to try here.  

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ryanne said...

they lost their originality and ambiance which i could found it in coconut house Malacca...




--kAiBa-- said...

coincide with my feeling...

this shop was rather slipshod than i read from the previous, however, the pizzas are good!

losing the ambiance but still maintaining the taste, good or bad?

Sum Yin's blog said...

I been to the coconut house in KL. Both the environment and food are good.

--kAiBa-- said...

ya, food taste good but the environment has big changes thou..

馒头 said...


--kAiBa-- said...