Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa's round d'corner!

MidValley 2008
Sunway Pyramid 2008

1U Shopping Mall 2008
Christmas is just round the corner!
Seeing every giant shopping mall setting up the magnificent Christmas decors make me sad. I'm sad 'cause I will not be in KL when Christmas. I missed the turkey dishes and all the merry Christmas scene in town.
I'm sad , too. Even in KT.
'Cause I will be spending the last Christmas with that bunch of dearest friend in the place gradually familiar with. Wonder if there is any chance we might spend some time for such special ocassion in future.
Christmas is not a season of sadness.
Still, I'm sad.


LeighC said...

Well, lil brother, you can always opt to extend your stay in KT... you will have my fullest support :P, morally.

There are a million people coming over for Christmas dinner this Thursday, too bad you won't be around to help with the cleaning and washing up!!

--kAiBa-- said...

Phew~ luckily I'm not at home to be "Mario" instead!

Haha! Hope everyone still doing fine after the dinner prepared by my dearest sis! :p