Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Transporter 3

Transporter 3 (2008)
Was it this series where the fella who crashed the chopper with a bike or something? Anyway, I could barely remember any of the scene from the previous action-blasting movie where the colour of flames will end up to be a very blurry scene. Here comes another blasting-ly fiery movie for the cooling raining season. 
Was unable to remember when is the last midnight show I had where usually midnight, will be my wonderland time! This movie was not the must-go-to-watch-list of mine, but anyhow, if you would like an hour forty minutes of non-stop action, please consider this. Jason Statham may not be the perfect choice for Frank Martin, however it's quite entertaining for his agile and nimble movements throughout the show. The interesting spot of view compare to the past is the wonderful scenery of Russian province (or ukraine?)and also the ambiguos of the main characters.
Frank and Valentina
I wonder if the people from the northern earth have these much of freckle where the makeup seems useless on the face. Or they should choose another leading lady perhaps? Despite the issue of freckle, the lady seems quite comely.
Freckled lady 

Natalya might not be suitable for the action movie, but in the end she shows how a spoil child would give up for the love one. Imagine how a hair dresser may turn into surprising acting role. Miracles do happened!

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