Wednesday, December 24, 2008


GAPENA gives Gov the ultimatum over language issue

Are YOU out of YOUR mind? Didn't YOU see what is coming?
Eventough how tough YOU push YOUR children learning these two crucial subjects in their own laguage, but have they imagine how tough will it for the children in future time? The world is using English as communicative language in Sciences and Maths, why don't YOU expose your children earlier to the usage of the English? Not to say how many employer has stated clear that poor command of English is among your childre, why will you still standing for something which doesn't seems beneficial in their future lives?
All world class findings and invention was done and wellknown by the world was in English language.
Countless scientific term was borrowed from English.
YOU don't even have a set of specialized term in these fields, why still keep pursuing?

The supreme status of Bahasa is undeniable.
Not even the well enlightened scholars from other nations questioned it.
But is it worth to be protected here? Imagine how hard will your children flipping through the dictionary or searching through the web to understand a simple specialized term?
How many of YOUR children is been sent out of this country to further in their tertiary education?
How many of YOU eager to perform on the international stage?
How much YOU wish YOUR nation will move on while there is still such unbelivable act?
I believe the intention was good, but PLEASE!
Satnd in children's shoes, look into their future, understand their situation, before you keep defending something which is so silly.

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