Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Vampire and Romance - Twilight

Vampire has been the genre for commercialized movie since decades.
And here comes another movie featuring..... vampire, again.

Twilight (2008)
I thought the authors nowadays were just marching their way to become another J.K. Rowling on the market.
Initially thought Stephen Meyer was just another one.
In fact, the scenery from the mountain surrounded Forks Town in Washington US was just another breath taking point to go for this movie.
It wouldn't be a very anticipating movie to be if you had not read the book or to expose to the Twilight Saga before the show. Saw a few very negative comments bout this show, guess I will just post one of them:
I loved the books and was very excited for the release of the movie. But boy was I disappointed. The characters were wooden and I think I have seen better acting in a high school play. The casting director must have slept through the auditions. The only characters that came across as halfway believable were Charlie and Alice. Bella had one look, like she was constipated, I don't think she smiled at all. Edward didn't appear to have any depth. The movie took the exciting parts of the book and smashed them together without any character development. If I hadn't read the books, a number of things would not have made sense as there was no attempt to set them up or connect them. In my party there was a 12 year old girl and even she was not impressed. For anyone thinking about going to this movie, I recommend that you save your money. I would go to the next outing with the Twilight Saga, but only if it had a different director, editor and cast; otherwise it would be a waste of time and money.
Hopefully for those who had watched just give the show some credits for the effort in making words comes alive.

Didn't know vampire actually can do what superman did... III ~_~

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