Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dong Dong Chiang!

Time really do fly! Was waiting for this auspicious season last year and yet today has been the fourth day of the Ox-Year Chinese New Year.

As usual, have to travel 4 hours back to home town, passing by all those virgin nature (or should I say yet to be explore nature), the atmosphere was rather humid where you still see lots of fog surrounding the mountain top.

Despite the tiring journey, it is always anticipated where you get to meet those who hasn't heard from for long time,


cousins family

My aunt's godson

This little fella was initially our family's happy fruit, but he retired as the little one of my cousin sister was born last year.

Cute little jack

Descendant of Serani - Eleanor

Just that I found out I was actually 1/8 of Baba and Nyonya's lineage, I also found out that my mom's cousins were mostly from Serani, a combination of Dutch or Protugese with Malaysian. HUu!


Family gathering is always a heart-warming occasion. But, what is gathering which without food?!
Food usually a connector and also topic of interest in the gathering!
There is also some fresh dish I've tried during the CNY! Yee sang with dragonfruit!

Well, indeed creative, however from the feedback i heard, it was not ideal. Oh did I tell you that my family is canivorous? Haha!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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