Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nightlife in Terengganu - e-Bistro

Terengganu impressed outsiders by its alcohol-less, nightlife-less impression.
However, if you wanna release some stress or just to get drunk, there is always a place.

e-Bistro located opposite the MingStar Hotel in Kuala Terengganu consider as a better nightout place. Since the town lack of places where you can have total sense of indulgent, few bistros and steak houses do serve alcoholic drinks.

They have few seriously wide-screen plasma TV, with a projector projecting some TV programmes. I was thinking they have the karaoke system also, but no performers when we were there. The lighting was rather comfortable, lacking of all those secondhand smoke, due to the time we reached was rather early. Crowd will start to gather around 11, so if you want to maintain good clean lungs, you might want to consider leaving the place before that.

Of course liquor is serve in bistro
They serve some snacks, food, liquor(duh!), and juices. Prices were high but still, in acceptable range. the fascinating bout this place is they have a cool luminescent bar counter, which gave a good match to the atmosphere.
cold-light bar counter
Nonetheless, they have dart board too!

the male ichthyologists
Great place to hang out in KT other than the mamak stalls.
I will be coming back for the second time!

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