Monday, March 30, 2009

Delicacies by Food Science, UMT

It has been a while since the last time my friends and I visited the restaurant host by the food science students which only operate in even number semester. They took the subject where they need to learn how to run a REAL restaurant, starting from goods purchasing, to cooking, preparing, serving, and accounting. Such activity may consider a benefit to be a student in UMT where you may enjoy the so-call fine dining with low price (I think is consider low la~).

We arrived around 11.30 where the restaurant was yet to be open. After we've been seated, they hand us a menu, which, same as previous year surprisingly! Haihz... where is all the creativity ideas gone?


The famous dish which quite popular among students is the all time favourite chicken chop:

 A juicy and tender texture of a generous portion, where the crisp with mushroom gravy is just in perfection. The side dish of potato is however quite raw and tasted plain, need more improvement on that.

Another friend of mine ordered the Claypot Hainanese Chicken Rice, turn out to be a chicken rice in a claypot!
Dessert is the pandan layered cake, which is a dissapointment:
Drinks they served was rather commercialized, which over sweetened and tasted weird.

But still, my friend seems enjoy the lunch very much!

Overall this meal was quite a disappointment where the standards has declined year by year. I still remember the surprise and the wonder presented by the seniors in our first year, which I would say much batter than this. Still, opportunities to enjoy such atmosphere in a campus? I would say it's worth a try!


Anonymous said...

wah, pandan layered cake........why x ask me join u ppl le. haha

--kAiBa-- said...

thanks for dropping by... haha at least you have to leave a name for us to ask ma...