Sunday, March 15, 2009

{Reminiscence} Final Fantasy VIII

Does the above image brings up your deep down sealed memory and your passion towards gaming?
Well, this is the game which I risk my life to indulge in while I'm still in my lower secondary.
I know, I know, this game has been published far before that, but I get to play just when I enter the secondary school.
It was a, well, a great game at that time where people still kills for a Play Station, when all the Wii was still conceptually discussed. This game impressed me as it was also about a bunch of army school kids with exceptional battling skills, save the whole academy and the world.

the story led by the forlorn life of Squall Lionheart, a students in the Balamb Garden, School of Mercenary, who's fond for Rinoa Heartilly, a daughter of Galbadian, and the romance story bout them was just another highlight in the game. Despite the mature 3D animations in the games, artistic drawings of the minor details was just so attractive that you wouldn't let your joystick unoccupied.

squall and rinoa

The romantic story was greatly enhance by the song of "Eyes On Me" by the renowned singer, Faye Wong. Although it wasn't powerful enough to struck you at the scene but the notable tune of it will keep your mind haunted for quite a period of time.

I like the Balamb Garden.
A school-turned multipurpose vehicle, a boat, a spaceship also a academy. Cool!

Quitis, Seifer, Zell, Sophie, Headmaster Cid, Laguna.
Speaking of Lagina, till now, I haven't figure out was he actually exist or not.

Shiva, Quizacolt, Brothers, Carbuncle, Bahamut, Chocobo, Tonberry King, Ordin, Cactuar, Diablos!
Gosh! I missed all the summoning and boosting so much!

I missed the old times!
Long LIve Final Fantasy!!

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