Saturday, March 28, 2009

Volunteer Program for TRRG

It was a wonderful opportunity to get involve in this program, thanks to Kok Wai for his kind forwarding of the email. I've been asking around to find some companion to the trip, and it seems quite difficult as this week was consider the critical moment for all the final year students. I thought it gonna slip through my fingers again this time, luckily BY and Bro Chou able to make it! Woah! There we go REDANG ISLAND!!

the famous Turtle House
After attending the ship trip from Syahbandar Jetty in Kuala Terengganu, we have reached the Redang Island jetty by the courtesy of Laguna Redang who seriously has contribute much into the project itself.
Chagar Hutang from boat view
A 20 minutes speed boat ride will take you to the unpolluted side of the island, which also declared as the Turtle Sanctuary by State Government, has become the solely research station of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.
no landing of outsider is allowed here
The area was one of the highest landing area of sea turtle in Malaysia. We were told that the nest number has achieved 30 in the first three months of the year.
showing one of the green turtle nest

The volunteering program on this island was rather relaxing. Volunteers are required to help in monitoring the nests by patroling in an hourly routine. Other than that was nest checking based on a 45-3-3 days routine. The incubation hour of green turtle was estimated approximately 45-60 days, with a cluster avergae of 100 eggs per nest.

Relocation of the nest was done once ants was detected present in the nest. Ants are dangerous to the hatchlings where they able o destroy the whole nest in a very short time!
nest checking and relocating
tray of turtle eggs
aftermath of ants attack

It was quite a pitty thing where you can see almost all the rotten eggs contains a formed foetus, which about to hatch in a while or so. Other than the relocation, the hatched turtle hatchlings will be released back at night time back to sea. Though it is not supposed to take photo with flashes, but my ignorant has lead to guilty feeling after seeing the hatclings were confused and hardly to get back to the sea! So sooooorrrryyyy~~

hatchling in a pail
There is a prawn spa further up in the quarters, which functioned as a fish spa pond, but more natural and environmental friendly!
prawny prawny eating up dead skin
Ok, focus is not on the feet but the prawn. No comment will be tolerate regarding the feet.
When you get tired of the chores, other than snorkeling in the nearby, this is the highly recommended location for relaxation.

If you're an early bird, magnificent twilight is waiting to be discover from at the beachside!
sunrise twilight

more ...

and more!

How much I wish I have a DSLR with me while seeing these breath taking secene. though i'm not what sort of professional, still, such beauty is worth revied always!

Man and Pelf


So much was the fun, and yet you wished you have longer time on the island itself! So much token of appreciation to the trio - Pelf, Man, and Hadi! I don't know what keep you guys so passionate towards this organism but what you have been doing deserves a big salute!
All hail TRRG UMT!


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u dun really need a DSLR
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