Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ajil Pheasant Park

Located 32km from Kuala Terengganu town, Ajil Pheasant Park has an unnoticed entrance where we almost missed that on the way back from Kenyir Lake.

Entrance fees for this park is RM4 for students, where the farm is run by a family, exhibiting most of the exotic pheasant birds which you can rarely see in nature. The park was extremely warm as it's an open aired structure, which advisable to bring any insect repellent, hats or sun-shading equipments.

In the farm itself occupied an area of 1.7 acres which relatively large for the bird parks. The arrangement was rather primitive where the winding and uneasy pah might be an obstacle for elderly.

I have never in my life, so mesmerized by the full tail flaunting of a peacock. Was not easy to observe the full flaunting as the flirting behaviour among animals which was quite intimidating to me. joyful and gracefully dancing around the mating target has made the art of mating seems to be more atistic.
tail flaunting peacock

rare white peacock

baby peacock

They have few rare birds here, including the extincting Malaysia Green Peacock. Apart fom the birds, they have also few animals which inclusing blqck-striped squirrel.

For nature and birds lover, you have found your heaven!

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