Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bear-ly Night

Yes, I'm 23rd!
Soon I will be stepping into the REAL world after so many years as students.
Well, what can I say? 23 is indeed a good number! Transformation from students into unemployed, from a teenage into an adult, bread-winning lifestyle.

The feeling of celebration with bunch of lovely friends is incredibly nice.
I have not much friends. But this bunch is what I call the "heart-to-heart" bunch all the years while I'm in uni.
Effort in making a birthday touching and successful can be tell:
1. a panda riceball

2. then a bear-like cake

3. gift+card+paperbag = BEAR BEAR BEAR!!!

Though I wasn't that comfort with such nickname but I think i will get used to it.
Haha! I can't hold my laughter when I see so many BEAR BEAR around me!

Heart warming people at the cold place! ^_^


ykuen said...

Happy Birthday to u loh!
Wish u find a good job asap,
wish u happy always,
wish u can do what u want to do,
wish u al the best lah! :)

--kAiBa-- said...

thanks for the many many wishes!!!


Sum Yin's blog said...

Hey, Happy birthday. Your birthday was so wonderful with so much lovely gift. Wish you all the best in getting a nice job.

--kAiBa-- said...

thanks a lot ya~
your wish is the most practical as i'm dying for a good start in my career life!

notify me when you back ya~

Fung said...

wah...such a nice memory....this year cant celebrate with u....so sorry ah....LOL

Foong said...

wah...such a nice birthday celebration....this year cant celebrate with u....so sorry oh...LOL

--kAiBa-- said...

lol... fung... i will always remember you la... need not to be there mah~

actually your wishes is more than everything..