Monday, April 27, 2009

Early Morning - Bukit Besar

kuala terengganu at 0630
Bukit Besar in Kuala Terengganu Town is famous for it's hiking site and walking pathfor the locals. And here comes a story where 7 boring university students heading into darkest part of the woods in the earliest hour of morning before dawn.The path all the way to the hill top was all winding and precipitous which i think it's about 50 degree of elevation.

the cliffy steep
Believe me or not, after I've made it to the hilltop, I felt like I've been playing badminton nonstop for two hours. Though it took quite a short period to climb up the hill, the stamina and determination of one to make it is definitely crucial.
Now, what's at the hilltop?
On the hilltop it stood two gigantic communiaction tower by TM, which quite a beautiful scenary in the early hour (hopefully the radiation is not hazardous).
TM receiver tower

kuala terengganu at 0730
Who ever has pass by Terengganu will impressed by the strong lighting signboard of "Allah peliharakan terengganu" where the view from the back of the signboard was amazing.
Initial objective to watch sunrise was ended in the admiration of twilight, which is such consolatory when we discover the sunrise was the other side of the hill.
Early birds always get the worms!

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