Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh yes!

Yet, another celebration which I must thank to all my fellow coursemates. Though this time, not all join but it is rather warm enough in this little place.

We had our dinner in Saujana Steak House, which also a renowned restaurant in KT area.

This place has a very nice atmosphere which the lighting was rather dim and suitable for a group of friend to spend some great time here. They serve both western and oriental dishes where the portion was rather reasonable accordingly to the price.

cream of mushroom (rm3.50)
I've order myself a cream of mushroom as appetizer, which, turns out to be my dessert. The texture of the cream soup was so rich and I would say slight salty which you can find several pieces of button mushroom in the soup. The soup was good accompany with the garlic bread.
cheese grilled chicken(rm11.80)
As for main course, the cheese grilled chicken that i order was out of expectation! The tender and succulent boneless chicken piece with the cheese creme gravy, the combination was so fantastic, swept me off to heaven! side dish of grill potato along with sauce was rather good! The only flaw in this dish was the spirali as side dish was so simple and should improve to perfect the dish.
last dinner out
This was also to consider the last dinner we all had together before taking our path after 3 years in this faraway place.

Thanks for buying the cake! Gonna miss you guys!

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