Sunday, May 24, 2009

Danau Kota - Heaven of Pirates

Have you ever been to Petaling Street?
Well, if you're well adapt to the environment at the Petaling Street where you can get a lot of rarely seen stuff in the shopping mall, you might want to make a visit to the Danau Kota Night Market

midnight bazaar danau kota

In this bazaar, almost 99.99% (I would say) of the visitors are dominated by Malays.
In this bazaar you may find most of the Malay cultured items, fashions, push dolls, and all sort of thing. According to a statement by the officer of the city council, this bazaar was especially made for the traders who need a permanent and secure area in order to carry out the business.

Want to see how pack it was at the bazaar?
woah~ sardine!!

Ta-da! See! You can barely squeeze yourself through the pavement. The crowd was mostly joining the fun and alot of the business opportunity can be discover at this particular place.

For the fans of replica who can't afford a real branded watch, tehre are seriously a vast array of selection which can be found here.
omg, massive pirated stuff

KC and Ryanne, I saw your ODM watches was just 30 bucks at this bazaar! Haha!
It was a amazing thing where these stalls actually survive from the surpress of the custom in Malaysia!

Other than the buying-selling activities, they actually have the cultural performances going on in this bazaar.

For those who just wanna experience the shopping in midnight is like, you may want to pay a visit here. Prepare handkerchief for the crowded atmosphere!

NST Column on this bazaar:
'Bazaar keeps us awake'

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