Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grande Finale

Following the season of summer is soon to begin in the West, all major series is seems to be bringing to an end. Summer isn't season for series huh, I guess?

It has been a depressive moment for a series fanatic like me who will be stuck in front of the tiny lao-beh screen of my pathetic laptop, watching one after another for the whole day.

The most saddening (some may say ponderous) series which will bid the big screen goodbye is the renowned Prison Break.

I could still recall this series has walk me through my University's life which first introduce by my ex-roommate and soon to be ex-coursemate. Thanks to him, I'm stuck with this Scofield's dramatic story for almost 4 years. Though this show gets kinda boring when they changed from the prison breaking operation to the exoneration gaining and bringing down the company, still, the well knit tense of the drama has keep me from forgetting it. It was kind of brilliant move of the production to terminate the filming of new season, changing into a finale of a 4 years blank. Bravo! This has seriously left the show to a perfection, witout uneccessary pleonasm from the producer.

I'm sure this show will not easily washed off as it will last like The X-files.
Michael Scofield and Fox Mulder. Creating a character which deeply engraved on one's mind is seriously a success of a life.

Guess what I like most in the show?

The BLUEPRINT-cum-TATOO of Scofield!

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