Monday, May 04, 2009

Savour the Life of Ichthyologist

 the very first time at KUSTEM beach
Three years is like just a flash of light.
Experience in this campus life was a very precious in my life.
Though after three years, I'm still unable to determine what fishes are in the Perciformes, which suppose to at an ichthyology student's finger tips, I'm happy to call myself a Fisheries Student.

my first annual dinner

Until I set foot in uni, I have no idea annual dinner is a MUST in every programme. It is like the reunion dinner in Chinese culture where we welcome newbies and bid farewell to seniors.

first Kuantan trip

My very first experience of driving a van which also my very first time car rental. I didn't know car rental business was so flourishing in that small place.


visit of student from Prince of Songkhla University
Until then, I thought Malaysian Students, I mean local uni, was only stick to themselves.
The visitation from Siamese university was actually a surprise on how well Malaysian can actually speaks better English than her neighbour.
 survival in Bidong Island

And before I went to Survival Programme in Bidong, I'm a hydrophobic person. I didn't know I can actually snorkel (of course with a buoyancy kit on).  Wait... I think that is also my first time riding on a fish boat.
Courtesy of friends, I've travelled quite a number of places

 Melacca trip
  Pulau Kapas
Chammang Falls

etc etc etc etc.....
I've been to a numerous number of places for these three years, as compare to my past life.
The memory was seriously worth treasure, as it is very rare in future time for us to travel like such.

The three years programme and how does it actually benefits me?
Hmm... I've learn hot to make nuggets! sausages! fishballs!
I've know the most bacterial and disease contained foods are from seafood.
I've learn how to actually plan a voyage, how dew form, how meteorology actually affects lives.
and the coolest: I've learned how to extract DNA from fish (yes, i know, fish).

DNA extraction

fish nugget upon completion

I've learn how to savour this time of my life.
The life of the only fisheries course in the whole Malaysia.
Did I once contempt the course, condemned the fella who threw me in?
Well, well, I was so naive.

Ichthyology, the study that I will remember as long as I live!

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