Sunday, June 14, 2009


The official announcement regarding my convo date has been made.
Sadly, I've been categorized in the last sessions which most of my acquaintances will be on the first day.

So, how should I plan for this big day?
Daddy's not going, Sis n Bro not going, left my mom and my second elder sis.
Which makes the anticipation cooled down a little. Desolation.

So I'm planning on doing something like such:
which later I'm afraid couldn't get back the mortar board.
So, how bout tossing against the wall?
now that we're talking.

So how will my picture goes about like? Stay tune on the coverage on 16th of July!


ryanne said...

dun lar simply throw the mortar board, need to pay 50 if u lost it... hahahaha

--kaiba-- said...

aiya... once in your life time mah.. need to... 50... pay them lo...