Sunday, August 02, 2009

Friends@ Kota Kemuning

It was quite a moulin day when I know my senior, Sall, was resigning. 
She has always, to me, a knowledgeable person who is so willing to share her knowledge. 
Wish her a very farewell, and all the best in whatever she's undertaking in the future.

Thanks to Sally for providing an opportunity for dining in this great restaurant.

The decoration and the atmosphere in this restaurant was rather Oriental which made me feel like having reunion dinner throughout!
wall decorated with chinese couplet

This restaurant located at Kota Kemuning serves exquisite Chinese cuisine which tastes really good!
We were first welcomed by the dish of mixed vegetable which.... I'm loving it!
mixed vegetable

The lotus root was fried to perfection where it tasted sweet enough not to cover the taste of the rest ingredient by having a very crunchy texture of its original! However this dish was slight oily, for those who hates oil, you may request lesser oil for yourvisit later.

Next, which was also my favourite, the Fried squid.

fried squid with salted egg yolk

Now, we've tried much of the fried squid with salted egg yolk. This is the first time I tried the dish with a thin layer of sweet gravy on top of it. The squid was rather fresh and it tasted really great along with a bowl of white rice!

lemon chicken
Frankly speaking, the lemon chicken was a dissapoinment. The chicken was not cut into a proper serving size where we got some pieces of only skins, and the gravy of lemon was not properly handled. I even tasted the starch taste where they used in thickening the gravy! They should improve the dish somehow!

kitchen's special steamed fish
Now, speaking of steamed fish, I think the common requirements are the freshness of the fish, the perfect timing of the steaming process, and the side ingredients. For the freshness of this dish, ehem, not that up to requirement, it was obviously overcooked as the fish flesh was rather rough. The heavy taste of the gravy was suspected to cover the un-freshness of the fish itself. "deh-deh" it's a not recommended!
Overall, for those who interested in this shop, they may try to other other dishes such as the Fried beancurd ala Thai which surprised me!
Fried beancurd ala Thai
So long, Sally!
backbone of CTS lab


AhKenn said...

Hey, what's this CTS Lab u working for? Does it have anything to do with aquaculture? I'm sorta looking for a place to do my internship and I live in Kemuning Utama, want some place thats relevant, nearby and will take me in for internship during the hols.

--kaiba-- said...

If you're looking for relevancy i can tell you it's nothing relevant to what we've learned, but if you want to learn more about commercial lab testing or services you may try to enquire about.

AhKenn said...

ic, thanks for the info. Anyway, do u know anywhere thats relevant and in the Klang Valley?

--kaiba-- said...

try look in port klang, i heard there's plenty.