Monday, August 31, 2009

Inlaws and inLaws @ Unique Seafood, Section 14

the future to be inlaws

So, who says the meetup of inlaws always in a trigger pulling situation? Well, sitting down to have dinner might be the very fist steps in becoming inlaws. So, it was so anticipated as the both parents meet up for the very first time, at this very weird place -- "Unique Seafood".
Qi-guai Seafood

Indeed, the name of the store itself is weird. But in this store, in the midst of a crowded and busy city, they have over two stories of aquarium, inhabited by numerous kind of sea creatures!!
from top to bottom: australian lobster, bamboo clam, 
snowy crab, geoduck and spider crab

So, anyone? They seriously looks terrifying as they keep staying in the tank and no movement at all. Poor little creatures waiting to be served. *ehem*

steam river prawn, fish fin soup, crab with salted egg yolk
The seafood served was so fresh till you can feel the blood pumping through the flesh a minute ago! I know I'm a bit exaggerate, but the dishes was so finger lickin'ly good!! However, speaking of the most heart-winning, i will recommend this lamb chop.

lamb chop
Succulent and tender texture of the lamb, with proper marination, the lamb chop was made to perfection of a slight sweetness sauce. This is definitely a "coming back for" dish!

Though they serve quite delicious cuisine at this place, however you might want to enquire on the prices before deciding. I almost bit my tongue when I see my future-to-be-brother-in-law sign on the bill!

Well, it is kinda awkward at the first place meeting another entirely strange family, which in the sense that will be connected and joined to become one. Luckily they are such nice and generous person, which I can foresee my sister's future with them is a positive one. Pax Christi!

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