Thursday, August 06, 2009

La Bodega@ Bangsar

So, looking for a place to spend a luxurious (well, to me, is) night?
A place where you can spend your time updating your dearest friends, or having small meet up?

Thanks to Ryanne for the great suggestion in which we stopped by this great place to have our dinner.

We were first welcomed by the galleries of vintage photos.

while waiting to be seated
This place is definitely a heavenly spot for the alcohol lover. They have more beverages options that the mice in my office :)! The place we've been was a very crowded, and we waited for a moment to be seated at a beautiful spot, memerized by the deco and the atmosphere portrayed in this place.
la menu
They serve spanish cuisine here, and thanks to a friend of my who helped us to translate instantly some of the menu into English. Do you know pollo actually pronounced as poyo, which means chicken in Spanish?

To warm up our stomach, we were refresh with the homemade Sangria, which is the combination of wine, rum, and fruits, which taste kinda weird at the first gulp. It taste better along with the green apple slices in it!

The nicest most dish of the night will be the Spring chicken!
It has slight citric flavour in the gravy, which lighten up the taste of the meaty flesh!

along with the birthday boy left most
Well, it is such a great place if you just want some chatty spot in the busy city! Check it out man!


heekai said...

we almost miss out the spring chicken, thanks to the chef who overcooked my dish..
but i more like lai yoon's one ler...
the beef... OMG...

--kaiba-- said...

seriously, i think the spring chicken is the best... mine is the worst.. :(