Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ohm~ @ Kechara Oasis, Jaya One

So it speaks, variety is the spices of life. So, it means you need not to travel to another part of the globe to try out something new.

My friends and I have decided to add alittlee spices in our life by following the recommendation from masak-masak for the very unique cuisine -- Tibetan's! Now speaking of that area on earth, my usual impression was to associate with some middle east cuisine or so, meaning big pieces of meat, big cup of tea, et cetra et cetra.

Despite the wrong ways which we took for the guide (me) not knowing which exact restaurant was that, we finally arrive at the doorstep, hiding quietly at the parking bay.

The restaurant was actually a vegetarian serving sites, surprisingly featuring some tibetan menu.
clockwise: spicy fish, the menu, buttercream bean curd, black pepper ama yak beef, Nepalese popiah
 Frankly speaking, the vegetarian food was not as great as we tried at Bamboo Groove, but the taste was not as bad as described in masak-masak. The best among all was this:
Tada! The buttercream beancurd! The buttercream was the thumbs up gravy, thickened, wrapped up the whole beancurd thoroughly. With a slight sweetness in the cream, it actually makes you want more... MORE!!
Last but not least, we also try out the famous butter milktea from the north.
 Hmm, let's put it that way, the taste of this tea may not suitable for us in Malaysia, however was an adventure according to the director. The taste was so salty and oily, doesn't even like a proper milktea!
Wanna see how my amigo reacted?

Hmm, I guess not so welcomed afterall... Surprisingly, the butter actully solidify after leave it for quite a while!
cute esther by the ornament
Well, how can I say, it's good by the way, worth a try for those who are adventurous enough!


heekai said...

really gd try...
so next time if got chance go tibet will not try on it!!! XD

--kaiba-- said...

not bad huh.. next time we try other stuff, morocco? interested?

ryanne said...

oh... banyak dekat dengan opis sy..