Saturday, November 07, 2009

season of reminisence

a sleepless night usually will link to a multi-nonsentic end result from a mad guy who need to wake up super early the next day.

Was it the rainy day, or the unhappy events in life, leading all lost souls to seek for comfort from the past?

Missing is just like a sporocis, landing on every single creature who approaches.

I'm a sentimental person.
I'm a laughter and excitor among people.
Even for a enzyme, it need to meet with right substrate to react. But where are my dear 'substrate'?

Suffocated by the heavy workpile, makes me thought of the day where we mostly stick together by the caramel or so.

Sigh~ old day are suppose to be missed, not to live on.

Begin missing you all, my friends..


1 comment:

Salty Fish said...

i miss u too...muack...