Wednesday, March 24, 2010



It is already the third day in new job! And also the day I officially terminates my employment!
So, it has been officially a week since I got myself down at this island country.
Yes, a small island-ize and gadget-ize world.

People don't ask "Cut already ar?"
They ask "Already iPhone?"

People don't say "Aiya, I help you do lar!"
They say "Please revert to someone someone."

They don't say "Aiya, stand for a while la, few stops only what"
They say "Why so many people? I need a seat!" even for one stop only.

People don't eat chillis, people likes bubble milk tea, people likes to go by public transport.
And their curry is sweet-ish.

And now only i realized that zebra line, is not for road decoration only, and you can have a plate of chicken rice for 2 bucks, you can survive a day with 5.

People don't have all those Diam*nd arr, N*SH arr, Amw*y ar, they drink from tap.

It's kinda hard to walk from CPF to HDB through JEI, when you just have no idea what are the abbreviations. FYI, this is SG you see.

World, world, what a world.


狮子 said...

i can't adapt to their water quality.
even only for shower purpose, my skin will still allergy to it.

seems u like the place. great.

isaac said...

slowly adapting..