Sunday, April 25, 2010

Plaza Market Cafe @ Fairmont Hotel

So it has said that the birthday must be celebrated in a most gluttonous way. Believe it or not, this has been a tradition for you to have an excuse to treat yourself better (or not) on a once per year basis.

Thanks to my dear sis n broinlaw, we manage to commit the sin of gluttony on this wonderful night at this wonderful place. This is suppose to be a place for peranakan buffet, expecting all the lemak lemak, curry curry, or spice spices, surprisingly they served too some western cuisine, with some sashimi along with kimchi. Not so peranakan I guess.

one of the best acar in town

Well, speaking of buffet, people will sure go for some light and expensive materials or cuisine, but this is a buffet which actually a satisfying one, allowing one to carry back his gastrointestinal content when finish.

beef in blackpepper gravy

Though I always go for seafood in the buffet, this beef deserves a column in this post as the tender and juicy texture of it, really makes you want more. Thick gravy along with the heavy flavoured gravy, goes well with any pastry or rice item.

mutton rendang

But, the beef is still not the best on the list, the mutton rendang is. Never expect to get such flavour in the island and it taste exactly the way it should be from a Malaysian view. Though the mutton was a bit dry to the taste, the gravy is just close fit to the cheese pratha which serves along.

pandan layer cake

How can a peranakan cuisine present without any kuih? This is among the dessert which deserves a thumb up for the not over-essenced-flavour of the layer cake.


I do not know whether this is true, apparently, the quality of buffet in this island is judge by the quality of durian dish in it. And according to the many reviews, the durian pudding in this place is seriously a 5-star standard dish. But looking at the presentation and the mess in the pot, I rather chew on the bull's testicle or the fried grasshopper than to stick this thing into my mouth. No way!

So overall, i will give a 3.5 out of 5 for this buffet session, judging from the poor services and the varieties of it.

Durian pudding, anyone?


一个部落客 said...

super early wish u have a very very happy birthday...when cum back??treat u eat 'kaw kaw' one lah...

isaac said...

haha.. go where eat first? i dowan maggi mee plus neslo ice wor..

一个部落客 said...

of course not like that de lah...but if u 1 oso can de...use free sample cook for u...wakaka

Rye said...

The Durian Pudding...

Delicious or not...???

isaac said...

you know what, i DID NOT touch it... haha! can't tell you