Saturday, July 03, 2010

Coffee Club @ Holland Village, Buona Vista

This is the second visit to Holland Village as the place seriously fascinating.
For those who has been to Bangsar Village, this is something like that, chill out atmosphere in the middle of busy city.

In order to catch up with long lost friends, we had our visit to this lovely quiet place round the end of the road.
Without the contrast of crowd from the other part of the street, this place is further comforted with a man-made landscaping, also a gigantic coffee brewing machine at the front. We chose our seat at first floor, where the wooden spiral staircase lead us up.
As usual, there will always be a place for appetizer. I've ordered the Quesadilla with bolognaise. The salsa dip was great accompany with the warm quesadilla, along with the salad top with balsamic vinegar. It's definitely the good kick-start for the night!

Next on my menu was this peppercorn beef stew rice. the rice was ordinary but the beef stew is good. You can taste the beef tenderness and the right amount of spices added. the cheese melted just right where you can mix well with the rice to have all the flavours in one spoon!

dory penne
fisherman toss

These two dishes I've never get a chance to scoop in, but i think it's just nice since the plate was turned-over at the end! This place definitely worth a try, and I'm coming back for the second try!

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