Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh gadgets, world of gadgets (3)!

  So I thought I will never support the ACER ever since my last bad experience with them.
You will be heart-broken when the laaptop has walk you through so many seet and sours in life, 
in the end, broken, and successfully made himself into a panel-like lappy. 

So, I've been cruising lappy as I need to get rid of my laggy, lowly-performed, and also somewhat paraalyzed battle-mate.

And you showed up, my friend, my dear, my everything!

So, may I present to you ladies and gentleman, Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820TG, a.k.a. my lovely new companion!

Build inside was the medium range i5-450M processor, along with a ATi Radeon 5650 GPU, this guys is seriously cool! come with 4GB RAM and 3MB L3 cache, it able to perform up to 2.4GHz as compare to my last lover 1.6GHz. Phew~ do not doubt that I was paid by Acer to say this, but, at this price range, it is seriously a good lappy that you could look for!

The sleek design of the keyboard, long with the brushed metallic surface of the back panel, this lovely comes with ultra-thin LED panel which support 16:9HD output! 

The only shortage is that prolly this 13.3" display may not be useful for your need in some big action gaming, but sufficient much on the other processing or entertainment needs!

People. Welcome to the world where money rules!

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