Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Third Attempt

See, after two, it will always comes the three!
Been to the PIKOM Aug in KLCC, and also tried out some skill for portrait shooting.

Sigh~ I need more practice on this! I'm insulting my darling D3K!!
But still, i guess this will be the best of all pic I've taken!
 Give some comment which will improve my skill, will ya?


Chow said...

failed!!! last picture model got tummy!!!

Rye said...

Why Terengganu dint hv a such even...?!

isaac said...

Dear Chow,
Oh gosh, i din realize that till you mentioned!! kindly ignore the tummy will ya? :)

Dear Rye,
Lol, you think possible not the local gov will let this coming in? all people who went must wear those autoselectively display glasses lo!!