Sunday, September 05, 2010

Japanese Buffet @ Kushinbo, Jurong Point

Yes, I know, I shouldn't have go for another buffet session judging on my health status.
But this is so different! they have Alaska Crab Leg!

Well, kinda disappointed since the quantity does not come on par with the quality, but anyhow, it's kinda a good try on these exotic species!

Nonetheless, sushi in various kind. I would say the sushi is quite fresh as in the texture and ingredients were quite skillfully handled, leaving a freshness sensation after taste. Served along with marinated jellyfish and baby octopus, this section of raw and read to eat deserves a thumb-up!

Well, I'm not actually a big fan of fried stuff, but this shop has a very unique item of fried soft-shell crab, also, with not too chewy calamari rings, and it's just amazingly delicious. Tenderness and juicy grill unagi is also another must try item. This fried-stuff section has a make it yourself raddish soysauce dip, too!

Though I've never try on this steamboat, but according to the gastronomy expert which comes along saying that the soup was just ordinary but the richness of the ingredients in it was stunning!

Oh this lovely yuzu ice-cream has made me go for more food since the citric acid in it has helped in digestion!
As compare to the Sakura International Buffet previously, this shop has better quality and servings in terms of money and services. Try it out!:)

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