Saturday, October 20, 2012

To cheerish a friendship

i am never good in dealing with my emotion of bidding farewell.
nor do i know how should the feeling of such to be handled.

it just pushed the last button of sadness and longing to be doing what the others are doing.
to have the courage of such. to have the determination of such.

in this very evening, the familiar feeling of us parting from kt revives itself.
it feels like there has been a chapter closed, which the story remains undone.
the incompleteness is eating up my mind, in this very thunder-stormy night.

i wish you well, for the persistent steps you took.
and you're my role model, for realizing what you've dreamed of.
for the road not taken, is the characteristics assurance of a brave self.

Ka kite anō, maybe, in aotearoa