Friday, February 29, 2008

My Favourite tune of time

Once in my lifetime, where I was so addicted into the Final Fantasy Series, these two tune accompany me throughout my rebellious temperament period of my life. Phuu!!! I miss those old days.....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fish Nuggets in Process!

Yay! I finally get a chance to try to learn how to produce some aquatic products. Thanks to my dear lecturer who has given us a chance to pay visit to an research institute in Chendering, where we are able to produce some edible product from raw materials!

I was in all the cutting and washing thing last week, where I'm able to remember all those yucky stink smell from the fish! Fishy and fishy!!


do i look happy in it?

and after all the hardwork, I'm able to produce some nice fish nugget with the surimi that I've made last week! FYI, surimi is an intermediate product which has been deboned machinery and is preserve with cryoprotectant such as sugar, polyphosphateetc..... bla bla bla, all adapted from the lecture notes where the theory is so boring!!

alright! let's get into business!!


Firstly by mixing the surimi with all the ingredients, which I can remember are the onions, garlics, some vegetable oils, bread crust, MSG, pepper, salt, sugar and some flavour enhancer. It was easy at this step where all the ingredient are well mixed by the Silent Cutter.


Secondly, fill a tray with bread crust, Nugget Moulding Machine will shape the paste into desirable shape and we need to only cover it well with the yellow colour bread crust.


yay~ finally it's almost done


Look! a heart shaped!


wow! it's a lot!

Yummy!! golden crisp after fried!

I am so fortunate to have chances to go around all over to experienced different thing. And I will be navigating soon. So, stay tuned of my blog! Will take you all running around all over Terengganu!

All About Emcee-ing

It was such a great and pleasure moment to be on stage, though it was just a very short duration, and from what I've did, I think I don't have enough chance to stand out as I wish to. But anyhow, Thanks to those who know me for me, for giving me a chance to be on stage, to experienced inexperienced, to expect the unexpected.

well, the training for the hosting has been started since a month ago, where our draft was corrected and we are being trained by the experienced emcee from Kelab KEMASIK, which is also an emcee club in the university. Throughout the training session, some difficulties happened, and some unhappy event occur, however, I was so glad that I'm able to perform well on the night. Thanks to my partner, Pashia for all the cooperation and also the understanding, all other member of emcee.

Maybe due to the Election effect, the VVIP which is invited has come out with some inappropriate speech where he almost transform the night into a campaign. Fully utilization shouldn't have be done in such way where all presents are majority Malay, where they might be misunderstood for what you have said. Please all politicians, I urge you all to use your smart brain!

through all the sweet and spices where I've conclude that emcee-ing is good! a great  experience I can say.

Yes! It's over~ See you all next year!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Single-Awareness Day!

Singles Awareness Day (SAD) is a humorous holiday celebrated on February 14 (although some prefer the 13th or the 15th to get away from the commercialism associated with the 14th). It serves as an alternative to Valentine's Day for people who are single: that is, who are not involved in a romantic relationship. Some observers of SAD do so out of spite for Valentine's Day, as a Hallmark holiday, or for other reasons.

On Singles Awareness Day, single people gather to celebrate or to commiserate in their single status. Some want to remind romantic couples that they don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate life. A common greeting on this day by its adherents is "Happy SAD!" The day is often used by less-friendly couples as a day to simply remind the singles they know about their current, uninvolved status.

Some of the manifestations of the holiday can be regarded as examples of self-deprecating humor.

Now... Do Valentine means anything to you? ^__^

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Leaving... again

I wonder when will I get used to those coming back and going back mood. It feels kind of weird when you going back to home from another home, which across the whole peninsular. Yes, I'm leaving home again tonight.

I have total freedom over the place where I'm going back to now, but it kind of lack of the warmth where this place gets me. That is why hard to judge which is better for me. I hope that I will be coming out to the community really soon, couldn't bare the suffer while studying, repeating the same routine every semester ahead, lecture-->study-->assignments-->tests-->final-->break-->and all of them repeating again and again.

I've never imagine how life in uni will be as such, the sparks toward the adult life has disappeared.

However, there may be new expectation for me in this semester, which I heard recently that I've got Under Water World Langkawi for my Internship Location! Yay! That is exactly what I'm dreaming of!

Wish me luck in that!  

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fried Porridge (Char Moi)

Have you ever heard of this term before? Usually people "boil" porridge but seldom people "fry" the porridge. In this case, "fry" meaning the stir fry, not those "deep fry".

Well, in this small Chinese town namely the Serdang in Kedah, not the Serdang of UPM, they are famous of this dish which is known as Char Moi (in hokkien, meaning Fried Porridge)

ta-da! the mysterious face revealed of the char moi

using chopstick to have the porridge? watch me!

Hmm, how should I describe the dish? it has pork, veges, i think a little bit of egg white, tender texture of the long hour boiled porridge, makes the taste of the dish wonderful. alittle bit of saltiness, and you can even taste the essence of the chicken soup as the origin material. Usually customers wouldn't order the porridge itself alone, they will have a plate of kelabu as appetizer where this not those traditional Nyonya style but the very own Chinese Kelabu. mango stripes and cucumber stripes, mixed with vinegar, sugar, chili padi, and also some crispy fried cuttle fish scattered on top, makes the taste of the dish not only sour, but also some freshness of the cuttlefish pieces.

usually serve with kelabu as appetizer


o! this is the main dish -- thai's steam fish

This stall itself not only well-known by the char moi itself but also the thai's sweet and sour steam fish. The sweetness and sourness are in perfect ratio which also bring out the fresh taste of the fish itself. Chinese cabbage in the dishes is attentively reduce the excitement from the Thai's ingredients.

Wow, it making my salivary gland stimulate more liquid while i keep remembering the taste and the fineness of the dishes! Yummy! Must try out whenever you have the chance to get to that town!

Of Chinese New Year

This is the most happy (i guess) CNY which we are free from my grandma's house!
We usually have the 1st and 2nd night spent in my grandma's place where you can imagine the most ancient house made of wood and zinc, mosquitoes, detached toilet (i mean those BIG BUSINESS toilet), and everything you can imagine about an old houses during the riot time.

Oh ya! Before i forgot, Happy Chinese New Year to all!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Omg! What is wrong with the people nowadays? Haven't they tasted a donut in their past life? haha! Maybe it's too mean for me to say so, but it is really too much for someone to queue for almost an hour just to grab a bite on the J.Co Donut and Cafe!

J.Co - it was actually a peacock in the logo

According to a reliable source (who actually happen to my dear sister), J.Co was originate from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, which I guess the J.Co actually stands for Jakarta.Coffee! ^__^

I'm not trying to exaggerate the situation where it really happened! I was being told how nice was the donuts and how interesting is the selling points of the shop by friends around me, however, this is the first time I've actually grab a piece of the legendary donut in town!

Too bad I didn't snap a picture on how crazy are the people indulge in the donuts and the sweetness (which eventually leads to diabetes I guess), but I did snapped a few on how nice it was where I'm actually one of those! Hehe!

seriously black coffee with the free sugar coated donut

ice-blended caramelite w/o whipping cream T_T

cappocino... freshly brewed!

We had ordered a Cuppocino, Caramelite Ice Blended and a Black Coffee. It was a surprised where each beverage comes with a free sugar coated donut, and yet my sister manage to grab some 6 pieces of the highly-recommended donuts for us! Yummy! I like sweet things!

As you are aware from the top, it was Coco Loco flavour, followed by the Heaven Berry, Why Nut, Belgium Chocolate, Blueberry and an unknown piece! All of them taste like the sugar was actually FOC in their company's policy! But, other than the over-sweet-taste, the donut was so fluffy and light where you won't have the disgust feeling due to the thick flour of the donut! Each and everyone of the donut has its own fillings where the filling might flow out like the volcano if you do not handle properly!

Haha! another MUST-TRY-IT-OUT store in town!