Friday, July 18, 2008


Bowling is always a fun thing for me to play with, and I get to play it now in Terengganu!
It is seriously interesting whenever you heard all thos *plang!* *gu luk gu luk* in the bowling area.

Let me introduce you to the D'man Bowling in Terengganu. It is situated at the Terengganu Sultan Mizan Stadium, from the front gate and right up to the first floor.

The rate currently still under promotion period in which it offers RM2 from 10-2, RM2.80 (student) from 2 to 7 (if i'm not mistaken), and Rm5.50 from evening till 1 am latenight.

Early in the morning you will see lots of people lining up for the game and you know what, some of them even wearing working suits man! What a passionate community. We've waited for almost half an hour for our turn to play, and almost all the spider climb over our body to make their nest... sigh!

Well, all i can tell is that the lanes look new, the ball pretty like the surface of the moon, and some of the lanes are really weird! they don't count the frame where you get 0 on the left drain but on right only! weird...

this is a lady who can score very well, i was suspecting she is like some state's player or what, all of her game is like more than 150! @_@!

thanks to the new facility, i'm able to break my own record! Scored 151 for the second game ! Yay! C'mon, any one? challenge me to another game~!

C'mon, challenge me ~ hehe.....

Missing you

looks like it wasn't a good thing when a person keep looking back for his life. human always wanted to change. "the only thing that don't change is that there is always changes"

i felt empty suddenly, seriously, while i was in internship period i was always busy like a bee, going here and there restlessly. i thought i will prefer the day i had for school and it so happens that i miss working as well. hmm, when someone is free he will have a lot of nonsense thoughts right?

attended my seniors graduation, seems like i wanted to free from all the books sooner than i thought. maybe i can continue my masters, or maybe not.

i'm not so into fish though.




Can't wait to get the mortar board onto my head.

What a pathetic university's goal.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

new and old.

i bought a new pillow the other day.

i thought i will be in love with the new one, hugging it wherever, whenever i'm in the bed. in fact, i'm not.

i still love and in favour for the old one.

things are good when it's old.