Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Month of Celebration

December is a month of closing, a month of reminiscing, a month of counting down, a month to conclude your new year resolution.

Well, for me, this is a month of celebration.
The first ever redbliss has arrived at my family doorstep.
The first ever opportunity to get connected to a total stranger family.
The first ever milestone for my family to welcome a brand new member of all, my brother-in-law.
The first ever memorable year.

It is so strange that by the join of two souls, it actually joins the two whole entire families together, connecting family's friends, affiliations, and all sorts of network seems to be connected by the join of two person. Woah, world doesn't seems that big after all.

Joyous season should be the top prioritize news to shared among family.
Radiant of happiness, brim of joy, warmth of excitement should be the main dish on the table.
Despite on how rare you've connected with each other, sometimes you can't stop be happy for the lovebirds who are the main cast of the day.
No matter how geological factor has done in scattering the family apart from each other, there is always a reason for you to indulge in sense of euphoria.

For behold, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone.
'The flowers have already appeared in the land;
The time has arrived for pruning the vines,
And the voice of the turtledove has been heard in our land.
'The fig tree has ripened its figs,
And the vines in blossom have given forth their fragrance.

May God shower your marriage with his blessings!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh Gadget, world of gadgets (2)

Oh my!!! Finally get a hold on my new baby~~~

My first ever lovely baby~~ X.O.X.O., gotta love you till the end of the world!!!

Caught quite a pretty full of pic tonight as mom is busy setting up the Xmas Tree!

 lil' saviour in the manger

setting up the deco

shiny shiny~~

Seriously, how can a DC to compare with this monster?! *Ngaum~!* No deal!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

season of reminisence

a sleepless night usually will link to a multi-nonsentic end result from a mad guy who need to wake up super early the next day.

Was it the rainy day, or the unhappy events in life, leading all lost souls to seek for comfort from the past?

Missing is just like a sporocis, landing on every single creature who approaches.

I'm a sentimental person.
I'm a laughter and excitor among people.
Even for a enzyme, it need to meet with right substrate to react. But where are my dear 'substrate'?

Suffocated by the heavy workpile, makes me thought of the day where we mostly stick together by the caramel or so.

Sigh~ old day are suppose to be missed, not to live on.

Begin missing you all, my friends..


Monday, August 31, 2009

Inlaws and inLaws @ Unique Seafood, Section 14

the future to be inlaws

So, who says the meetup of inlaws always in a trigger pulling situation? Well, sitting down to have dinner might be the very fist steps in becoming inlaws. So, it was so anticipated as the both parents meet up for the very first time, at this very weird place -- "Unique Seafood".
Qi-guai Seafood

Indeed, the name of the store itself is weird. But in this store, in the midst of a crowded and busy city, they have over two stories of aquarium, inhabited by numerous kind of sea creatures!!
from top to bottom: australian lobster, bamboo clam, 
snowy crab, geoduck and spider crab

So, anyone? They seriously looks terrifying as they keep staying in the tank and no movement at all. Poor little creatures waiting to be served. *ehem*

steam river prawn, fish fin soup, crab with salted egg yolk
The seafood served was so fresh till you can feel the blood pumping through the flesh a minute ago! I know I'm a bit exaggerate, but the dishes was so finger lickin'ly good!! However, speaking of the most heart-winning, i will recommend this lamb chop.

lamb chop
Succulent and tender texture of the lamb, with proper marination, the lamb chop was made to perfection of a slight sweetness sauce. This is definitely a "coming back for" dish!

Though they serve quite delicious cuisine at this place, however you might want to enquire on the prices before deciding. I almost bit my tongue when I see my future-to-be-brother-in-law sign on the bill!

Well, it is kinda awkward at the first place meeting another entirely strange family, which in the sense that will be connected and joined to become one. Luckily they are such nice and generous person, which I can foresee my sister's future with them is a positive one. Pax Christi!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ohm~ @ Kechara Oasis, Jaya One

So it speaks, variety is the spices of life. So, it means you need not to travel to another part of the globe to try out something new.

My friends and I have decided to add alittlee spices in our life by following the recommendation from masak-masak for the very unique cuisine -- Tibetan's! Now speaking of that area on earth, my usual impression was to associate with some middle east cuisine or so, meaning big pieces of meat, big cup of tea, et cetra et cetra.

Despite the wrong ways which we took for the guide (me) not knowing which exact restaurant was that, we finally arrive at the doorstep, hiding quietly at the parking bay.

The restaurant was actually a vegetarian serving sites, surprisingly featuring some tibetan menu.
clockwise: spicy fish, the menu, buttercream bean curd, black pepper ama yak beef, Nepalese popiah
 Frankly speaking, the vegetarian food was not as great as we tried at Bamboo Groove, but the taste was not as bad as described in masak-masak. The best among all was this:
Tada! The buttercream beancurd! The buttercream was the thumbs up gravy, thickened, wrapped up the whole beancurd thoroughly. With a slight sweetness in the cream, it actually makes you want more... MORE!!
Last but not least, we also try out the famous butter milktea from the north.
 Hmm, let's put it that way, the taste of this tea may not suitable for us in Malaysia, however was an adventure according to the director. The taste was so salty and oily, doesn't even like a proper milktea!
Wanna see how my amigo reacted?

Hmm, I guess not so welcomed afterall... Surprisingly, the butter actully solidify after leave it for quite a while!
cute esther by the ornament
Well, how can I say, it's good by the way, worth a try for those who are adventurous enough!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh Gadget, world of gadget!

I've beaten myself again, spending an enormous amount on technological gadget.
Yes, I'm aware. I'm aware that the even trendiest fade in a second.

Behold, the gadget which costs my salary for the entire month!!
Oh gadget, world of tempting gadget!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

La Bodega@ Bangsar

So, looking for a place to spend a luxurious (well, to me, is) night?
A place where you can spend your time updating your dearest friends, or having small meet up?

Thanks to Ryanne for the great suggestion in which we stopped by this great place to have our dinner.

We were first welcomed by the galleries of vintage photos.

while waiting to be seated
This place is definitely a heavenly spot for the alcohol lover. They have more beverages options that the mice in my office :)! The place we've been was a very crowded, and we waited for a moment to be seated at a beautiful spot, memerized by the deco and the atmosphere portrayed in this place.
la menu
They serve spanish cuisine here, and thanks to a friend of my who helped us to translate instantly some of the menu into English. Do you know pollo actually pronounced as poyo, which means chicken in Spanish?

To warm up our stomach, we were refresh with the homemade Sangria, which is the combination of wine, rum, and fruits, which taste kinda weird at the first gulp. It taste better along with the green apple slices in it!

The nicest most dish of the night will be the Spring chicken!
It has slight citric flavour in the gravy, which lighten up the taste of the meaty flesh!

along with the birthday boy left most
Well, it is such a great place if you just want some chatty spot in the busy city! Check it out man!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Friends@ Kota Kemuning

It was quite a moulin day when I know my senior, Sall, was resigning. 
She has always, to me, a knowledgeable person who is so willing to share her knowledge. 
Wish her a very farewell, and all the best in whatever she's undertaking in the future.

Thanks to Sally for providing an opportunity for dining in this great restaurant.

The decoration and the atmosphere in this restaurant was rather Oriental which made me feel like having reunion dinner throughout!
wall decorated with chinese couplet

This restaurant located at Kota Kemuning serves exquisite Chinese cuisine which tastes really good!
We were first welcomed by the dish of mixed vegetable which.... I'm loving it!
mixed vegetable

The lotus root was fried to perfection where it tasted sweet enough not to cover the taste of the rest ingredient by having a very crunchy texture of its original! However this dish was slight oily, for those who hates oil, you may request lesser oil for yourvisit later.

Next, which was also my favourite, the Fried squid.

fried squid with salted egg yolk

Now, we've tried much of the fried squid with salted egg yolk. This is the first time I tried the dish with a thin layer of sweet gravy on top of it. The squid was rather fresh and it tasted really great along with a bowl of white rice!

lemon chicken
Frankly speaking, the lemon chicken was a dissapoinment. The chicken was not cut into a proper serving size where we got some pieces of only skins, and the gravy of lemon was not properly handled. I even tasted the starch taste where they used in thickening the gravy! They should improve the dish somehow!

kitchen's special steamed fish
Now, speaking of steamed fish, I think the common requirements are the freshness of the fish, the perfect timing of the steaming process, and the side ingredients. For the freshness of this dish, ehem, not that up to requirement, it was obviously overcooked as the fish flesh was rather rough. The heavy taste of the gravy was suspected to cover the un-freshness of the fish itself. "deh-deh" it's a not recommended!
Overall, for those who interested in this shop, they may try to other other dishes such as the Fried beancurd ala Thai which surprised me!
Fried beancurd ala Thai
So long, Sally!
backbone of CTS lab

Friday, July 17, 2009


Now still remember that I say I want to do the tossing?

And I finally did that!!

toss toss... toss into the air!!

That seriously feels great!! So great!!
For those my friends who will be having their convocation soon, try this!

Thanks to mom n sis for their support all the way from KL!

UMTECG family
Thanks to all the junior who did come to take photo with me, who make a mug for me, who give me flowers, teddy bear, and also nonetheless, I have counterpain oil, for those who did really tossed me into the air!! YOU MAKE MY DAY!!
For those who planned to skip you convocation, don't do that... it's once in a lifetime thing!

once in a lifetime

Happy graduation to all my friends!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Thanks to Feli for her kind lead to the editing technique adopted from "going vintage".

I've try to make some used of the long-intalled-but-never-really-use Photoshop in my laptop. For instance, I've tried to create a blog header of mine, also sammuel.

Now, vintage, that's something I'm so interested in!

the original snapshot
 the final product
 comparison of both

Have fun!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's exciting

Somehow, lack of 0.01 in stepping in to the high entrance of first class holder, seems to be turning plain.
I was furious, once, at myself for the ignorant.
I was frustrated, once, at myself for not working hard enough towards the well set goal.
Yet, today, I'm proud of myself.

I was recognized for my hard work,
not only by receiving the special award, but to make my parents proud.
Thank you, Lord, for showering me with your blessing.
I'm so flattered.


Somewhere along this way, down the road,
after the corner, the place where we are familiar, yet so strange.
It's an awful feeling where you go back to
the place which houses most of your fun time past three years, yet,
all by you alone yourself.

Somewhere over the fences, behind the bushes, through the wall,
we had our fun, our joy and our sweet memories.
Somehow this time at the same particular time,
I'm standing at the road junction alone,
lacking the accompany from you, it's awful.

I've begin to miss you, my friends.