Tuesday, February 24, 2009


--After long period of intimacy with you, it seriously hard for me to say goodbye, or farewell just like that.
Though I don't seriously committed into the friendship (sometimes), but I seriously do savour it.
How will future to be when we getting lesser chance bumping into each other's life?--

I met someone today.
Not like I don't meet people often, just that what happened while bumping into him worth while of deep thought.

First of all, how will you define "procrastination"?
What is the value of time in your sense of mind?
Or even if the time worth your concern before it slipped away?

I met someone today.
Time to him, is just like another piece of wiper he used, tossed away arbitrarily.
He never worries bout his future, nor his present status.
When we have any conversation, he was acting like he came from another world, does not belong here. 
He couldn't care less about anything around him, just like the world around him was not worth his participation.
He walks slowly, on a promenade sense while others rushing, like time freezes everything just for him.

I wonder does he know "no man is an island"?
I begin to wonder how he gonna survive in the reality. 
Nothing could seriously deal any damage to his view of life.
He could not tolerate any denial, nor simple "no". He stands firm on his ground.

He never worries his issue of life, he believes that he will cross the bridge when he comes to it.
Sometimes, he just enjoy sitting on the ground, staring at a point without focus, bath in his own luscious strains.

Though he's such indifferent, yet he wants recognition.
He's good in actions, thinking and skillful play.
Nevertheless, he beats quite a number of people in those activities we known as extracurricular.
He started something late, he masters it fast enough to beat someone who has been into it for years.

What a weird world, isn't it?


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Finding Nemo

This is the most interesting assignment throughout the three years of my undergraduate study.
Extracting management elements from Finding Nemo (2003)
Yes. You got me right. THIS Finding Nemo.
Didn't know the leccturer in this campus was that creative by inserting such interesting elements in all those dull and boring theory for Business and Management class. Wow!

Desperately needing help from all my friends out there!!