Saturday, June 20, 2009

Filling Evening @ Seoul Garden, IOI Mall

Steamboat is always a gathering option for the bunch of friends.
'Eat-all-you-can' concept has been a symbolic for the Malaysian to fill their hunger since decades ago.

So, when Steamboat + Buffet? 'Eat-all-you-can' Gathering!!

This particular Korean-styled Steamboat Barbecue has arrived at Puchong IOI mall, currently having great promotion where you can enjoy great dishes, with an affordable price.

the appetizers

They have various kind of appetizer which allow you to try on while WAITING for your friends.
As I will recommend is the deep fried mantou which is so crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. The yam-flavoured ice-cream is also my favourite too!

hundreds of material awaits consumption

The special of this shop is that they're having Ginseng Chicken Soup as base, which quite a unique taste for those who's bored with plain/tomyam. They have multi-flavour marinated meat and fish fillet which ranging from hot and spicy to terriyaki flavour. Sauces which provided also including the Korean Chili sauce which worth a try. Though the kimchi which suppose to be the selling point, surprisingly, was out of range. The taste was so terrible which you wouldn't want to have another bite of it.

grill... grill...

i swear i won't take picture with them again... i looked so sized up!

For those who are interested, you can always try within 1st to 30th of June at IOI Mall.
Student, please bring along your student card for the cheap offer!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


The official announcement regarding my convo date has been made.
Sadly, I've been categorized in the last sessions which most of my acquaintances will be on the first day.

So, how should I plan for this big day?
Daddy's not going, Sis n Bro not going, left my mom and my second elder sis.
Which makes the anticipation cooled down a little. Desolation.

So I'm planning on doing something like such:
which later I'm afraid couldn't get back the mortar board.
So, how bout tossing against the wall?
now that we're talking.

So how will my picture goes about like? Stay tune on the coverage on 16th of July!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Wings Cafe - Music of the night

It has been 25 days since I accepted the offer.
I can see how the job is heading where I think the feeling of boredom starts to develop. 
Though it is not a pleasure thing to foresee, but I think I will suck it up for the sake of living.

So it seems living in a metropolitan wasn't a good thing after all.
When it comes to weekend, you are so indolent to find excitement for your life when you think of the terrible traffic out there.
Yet, life is life. You still need to feed yourself in order to continue this voyage of life.
So, for a weekend, you might want to have some melody for a dull life.

wings music cafe
This particular place in Bandar Puteri Puchong, has been a good place to attend if you're looking for some noises to spend in your weekend. They have singer-in-residence where will perform some soft music to entertain their customer. Oh, before i forgot, the price of food in this cafe will be slightly higher than the normal rate. 
It will be an enjoyable evening if the singer is good or otherwise. 

Song dedication also available for customer, and the singer will perform at their own will.
song dedication form

It has been a whie since my last visit to the cafe, echoing the famous HALO cafe in Kuala Lumpur.
Food at this place was just above avergae, which I think was slight overpriced.

cheezy mushroom chicken (RM 17.90)

lemon honey (RM6.90)
However, this place is still a great place for you to spend a weekend's night.
Oh ya, to avoid from the disturbance of certain brats in the restaurant, visit it later in the night will be good!