Friday, July 17, 2009


Now still remember that I say I want to do the tossing?

And I finally did that!!

toss toss... toss into the air!!

That seriously feels great!! So great!!
For those my friends who will be having their convocation soon, try this!

Thanks to mom n sis for their support all the way from KL!

UMTECG family
Thanks to all the junior who did come to take photo with me, who make a mug for me, who give me flowers, teddy bear, and also nonetheless, I have counterpain oil, for those who did really tossed me into the air!! YOU MAKE MY DAY!!
For those who planned to skip you convocation, don't do that... it's once in a lifetime thing!

once in a lifetime

Happy graduation to all my friends!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Thanks to Feli for her kind lead to the editing technique adopted from "going vintage".

I've try to make some used of the long-intalled-but-never-really-use Photoshop in my laptop. For instance, I've tried to create a blog header of mine, also sammuel.

Now, vintage, that's something I'm so interested in!

the original snapshot
 the final product
 comparison of both

Have fun!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's exciting

Somehow, lack of 0.01 in stepping in to the high entrance of first class holder, seems to be turning plain.
I was furious, once, at myself for the ignorant.
I was frustrated, once, at myself for not working hard enough towards the well set goal.
Yet, today, I'm proud of myself.

I was recognized for my hard work,
not only by receiving the special award, but to make my parents proud.
Thank you, Lord, for showering me with your blessing.
I'm so flattered.


Somewhere along this way, down the road,
after the corner, the place where we are familiar, yet so strange.
It's an awful feeling where you go back to
the place which houses most of your fun time past three years, yet,
all by you alone yourself.

Somewhere over the fences, behind the bushes, through the wall,
we had our fun, our joy and our sweet memories.
Somehow this time at the same particular time,
I'm standing at the road junction alone,
lacking the accompany from you, it's awful.

I've begin to miss you, my friends.