Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh, Are We There Already?

Been keeping back in touch with a long lost friend, and ended up at her wedding.
the first moment saw her at the altar, signing their marital certificate, my first response is:
Oh, we are at this age already?
Planning a wedding is not easy, not to mention the effort of managing with tens of years of your life.
This is the first of the old friends who are getting owned, which I also can't help but to think
Should I be worried as I'm still single?
Though sometimes they say looking for the woman who carries your rib bone is not easy, at least not as easy as Eve was created. Imagine how sweet is the feeling when you are holding your beloved hands, sincerely believing he/she is the one you will be spending your future with.
It was just like yesterday we've been bidding each other farewell on our high school graduation,
joking around on our annual gathering at KC's place.
imagining you've shed off your band uniform into this elegant white gown, wow, time does fly ya?

A promise to keep,
A hand to hold,
A business to manage,
A lifetime to trust.

May Kent&Koyie be happily ever after! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


蝴蝶擦几次眼睛 才学会飞行 
夜空洒满了星星 但几颗会落地 
我飞行 当你坠落之际 
很靠近 还听见呼吸 
对不起 我却没捉紧你 
The feeling of falling is a kick, 
a kick to free you from falling into limbo.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Place I Must Visit Before Leaving Earth (3)

Colombo-Sri Lanka
Okay, this may not be the MUST that's in th elist, but I'm going this place next year!
Woah! wonder how can i save up for such life?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What if time freezes,
and we gets to stay in the colourful invulnerable world of our own,
looking through the shining glasses,
profoundly imagine all the possibilities out there.

Life may not be as sweet as we expected,
but it is as colourful as we weree told.

Fight or flight, suck it up, or let it take you down.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Ramen's Player @ IRW, Sentosa

 spicy ramen (left), pork katsu don (up), gyoza(down)

Although this shop may not has the perfect decoration which attracte the mass towards it, but it has the perfect spicy chives which you even eat it on its own!

Yummy side serving, refreshing beverages.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The World Greatest

I'm that star up in the sky
I'm that mountain peak up high
Hey, I made it
I'm the world's greatest
And I'm that little bit of hope
When my back's against the ropes
I can feel it
I'm the world's greatest
-- R. Kelly, The World Greatest

Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Place I Must Visit Before Leaving Earth (2)

Angkor Wat

Final a successful Project C10! Thanks to all my  buddy!

Japanese Buffet @ Kushinbo, Jurong Point

Yes, I know, I shouldn't have go for another buffet session judging on my health status.
But this is so different! they have Alaska Crab Leg!

Well, kinda disappointed since the quantity does not come on par with the quality, but anyhow, it's kinda a good try on these exotic species!

Nonetheless, sushi in various kind. I would say the sushi is quite fresh as in the texture and ingredients were quite skillfully handled, leaving a freshness sensation after taste. Served along with marinated jellyfish and baby octopus, this section of raw and read to eat deserves a thumb-up!

Well, I'm not actually a big fan of fried stuff, but this shop has a very unique item of fried soft-shell crab, also, with not too chewy calamari rings, and it's just amazingly delicious. Tenderness and juicy grill unagi is also another must try item. This fried-stuff section has a make it yourself raddish soysauce dip, too!

Though I've never try on this steamboat, but according to the gastronomy expert which comes along saying that the soup was just ordinary but the richness of the ingredients in it was stunning!

Oh this lovely yuzu ice-cream has made me go for more food since the citric acid in it has helped in digestion!
As compare to the Sakura International Buffet previously, this shop has better quality and servings in terms of money and services. Try it out!:)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teatime @ Shokudo, Cathay Cineplex, Orchard

So, when you looking for a quench under the scorching hot Saturday afternoon, where will you go?

It so happened that we passed by this shop, so often, then we did not even bother to check out what is actually sevring in it. The outside of the shop was so plain whitish deco in which does not serve as an attraction to me!

But we've decided to give it a chance, also, to fulfill our thirst towards any icy or refreshment can ease our disappointment for not getting any tickets to the movie!
Shokudo, a Japanese Coffee House (so-called) actually offers a variety of Japanese-Western mix menu, ranging from the traditional katsu-don, to the weirdest unagi cheese pizza. So, since we were there for the tea-time, we pampered ourselves with a small dessert, a side dish and the appetizer.

For starter, we have this lovely Mango-Ebi rolls, served with slight spicy mayonnaise, rolled in a lovely rice paper.
The presentation was good, but frankly, we do not like this dish that well. Firstly lack of flavour which the main ingredient of ebi tenpura, mango which too raw to have the sourness overwhelm other ingredients.

Next we have our Unagi Cheese Pizza, topped with bonito flakes.

Surprisingly, the barbecued unagi match so well with the cheese toppings, along with the enhancement from the mushroom and bonito flakes, just well, if you put into your watering mouth with spike of tabasco. Yummy, highly recommended dish! The super-thin crust of the dish welly bake, and it is super crusty when served.

Lastly, wince our main mission is to refresh our thirst, the Macha Iced, topped with Japanese red bean and chestnut seriously will light up your day. The sweetness of the matcha syrup is well harmonized by the milk and red bean, along with the icy yet chewy mochi served. Yes, another highly reccomended.
Mochi that comes along has already has its flavour, which will even lifted up when scooped along with the matcha ice!

Well, if you are looking for a quench in the mid-noon, consider this place!

Oh gadgets, world of gadgets (3)!

  So I thought I will never support the ACER ever since my last bad experience with them.
You will be heart-broken when the laaptop has walk you through so many seet and sours in life, 
in the end, broken, and successfully made himself into a panel-like lappy. 

So, I've been cruising lappy as I need to get rid of my laggy, lowly-performed, and also somewhat paraalyzed battle-mate.

And you showed up, my friend, my dear, my everything!

So, may I present to you ladies and gentleman, Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820TG, a.k.a. my lovely new companion!

Build inside was the medium range i5-450M processor, along with a ATi Radeon 5650 GPU, this guys is seriously cool! come with 4GB RAM and 3MB L3 cache, it able to perform up to 2.4GHz as compare to my last lover 1.6GHz. Phew~ do not doubt that I was paid by Acer to say this, but, at this price range, it is seriously a good lappy that you could look for!

The sleek design of the keyboard, long with the brushed metallic surface of the back panel, this lovely comes with ultra-thin LED panel which support 16:9HD output! 

The only shortage is that prolly this 13.3" display may not be useful for your need in some big action gaming, but sufficient much on the other processing or entertainment needs!

People. Welcome to the world where money rules!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Place I Must Visit Before Leaving Earth (1)

One does not have many years of live on earth.
People will eventually heads to purgatory or heaven, some, hell.

I have a dream,
to list down all the corners on earth to be visited before leaving earth.

First to first - The Aegan Sea.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Third Attempt

See, after two, it will always comes the three!
Been to the PIKOM Aug in KLCC, and also tried out some skill for portrait shooting.

Sigh~ I need more practice on this! I'm insulting my darling D3K!!
But still, i guess this will be the best of all pic I've taken!
 Give some comment which will improve my skill, will ya?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For the world is so bright

For the world is so bright, 
as it shone at night, 
with the light originates from man, 
and man used to alter day and night,
and night becomes day, day lost it brightness.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Convocation

For those who will be attending their one-of-the-most-important event in life this coming weekend,
I shall wish you all the best,
Remember to SMILE Till Your Face Drop,
Walk EXTREMELY slowly on stage, like you've just learned your first step,
Breath SLOWLY like you have just 0.0001% of Oxygen in air,
ENJOY to the maxima with all your acquaintances!

Happy Convocation!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Second Attempt

You see, once I've bought myself the second lens in my life, I just can't stop admiring it.
and terms of admiring it, I gave a twist in it.
And there you go another corner from my window.
And turning the knob the lens....


Welcome to the world of 35mm!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reading is a great method to kill time.
Reading is the way to gain chat topic too!

complex cognitive process of decoding symbols for the intention of deriving meaning.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Coffee Club @ Holland Village, Buona Vista

This is the second visit to Holland Village as the place seriously fascinating.
For those who has been to Bangsar Village, this is something like that, chill out atmosphere in the middle of busy city.

In order to catch up with long lost friends, we had our visit to this lovely quiet place round the end of the road.
Without the contrast of crowd from the other part of the street, this place is further comforted with a man-made landscaping, also a gigantic coffee brewing machine at the front. We chose our seat at first floor, where the wooden spiral staircase lead us up.
As usual, there will always be a place for appetizer. I've ordered the Quesadilla with bolognaise. The salsa dip was great accompany with the warm quesadilla, along with the salad top with balsamic vinegar. It's definitely the good kick-start for the night!

Next on my menu was this peppercorn beef stew rice. the rice was ordinary but the beef stew is good. You can taste the beef tenderness and the right amount of spices added. the cheese melted just right where you can mix well with the rice to have all the flavours in one spoon!

dory penne
fisherman toss

These two dishes I've never get a chance to scoop in, but i think it's just nice since the plate was turned-over at the end! This place definitely worth a try, and I'm coming back for the second try!