Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swensens @ Compasspoint, Sengkang

So, if it is an usual meet up back at home, I guess I will never set foot into this shop.
To me, it always equalize to the expensive terms.

So, I guess why not give it a try over here, since it seems to be quite normal outlet.
And thanks to Loan. For you are here, and I get some excuse to treat myself nice. :)

So for usual, there will always be an appetizer.

This bruschetta instead played a lovely role in starting up the appetite. as compare to one that i had before, this has extra crunchiness which enhanced the flavour of marinated tomatoes and onions as topping. Slight garlic aroma is just hint to lift up the taste of raw toppings.

Had another appetizer as we do not wish to have some heavy main course.

The baked mussel was just not much of surprise. An ordinary mussel dish with cheezy toppings. Slight fishy smell in the mussel, not really got rid by the cheeze.

Just a simple pizza with slight sweet-ish satay toppings, barbecue chicken and some mushroom. The crust was indeed a good one which I hope the puree of gravy can be just a little much to dip with. Cucumber and onions as topping makes the dish taste like satay wrapped in pita pouch. Ha!

Guess this sop should just stick with what they are good at, i.e. the ice-cream shop!
Loan, thanks for meeting up for the dinner. Wish you a great convocation ahead!


愿你走吧 管它去哪呀

世界太复杂 你说单纯很难


总是远远关心 远远分享

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bridge to Terabithia

I'm moving gently forward,
over the wild and beautiful,
unexplored world below me.

I'm floating in silence,
and breaking it up
with the sound of my breath.

Above me, there's nothing
but shimmery light,
the place where I've come from,
and will go back to
when I am done here.

I'm diving.
I'm a scuba diver.

I'm going deeper past
the wrinkled rocks and dark seaweed
toward a deep blueness
where a school of silver fish wait.

As I swim through the water,
bubbles burst from me,
wobbling like little jellyfish
as they rise.

I check my air.
I don't have as much time
as I need to see everything,
but that is what makes it so special.

(Bridge to Terabithia, 2007)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

catching up

it's great to catch up with old acquaintance.

no matter how you've been disconnected from each other for how long,
if you're true friend, you may reconnect at any moment.

any long lost friend that you tried to reconnect back lately?