Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teatime @ Shokudo, Cathay Cineplex, Orchard

So, when you looking for a quench under the scorching hot Saturday afternoon, where will you go?

It so happened that we passed by this shop, so often, then we did not even bother to check out what is actually sevring in it. The outside of the shop was so plain whitish deco in which does not serve as an attraction to me!

But we've decided to give it a chance, also, to fulfill our thirst towards any icy or refreshment can ease our disappointment for not getting any tickets to the movie!
Shokudo, a Japanese Coffee House (so-called) actually offers a variety of Japanese-Western mix menu, ranging from the traditional katsu-don, to the weirdest unagi cheese pizza. So, since we were there for the tea-time, we pampered ourselves with a small dessert, a side dish and the appetizer.

For starter, we have this lovely Mango-Ebi rolls, served with slight spicy mayonnaise, rolled in a lovely rice paper.
The presentation was good, but frankly, we do not like this dish that well. Firstly lack of flavour which the main ingredient of ebi tenpura, mango which too raw to have the sourness overwhelm other ingredients.

Next we have our Unagi Cheese Pizza, topped with bonito flakes.

Surprisingly, the barbecued unagi match so well with the cheese toppings, along with the enhancement from the mushroom and bonito flakes, just well, if you put into your watering mouth with spike of tabasco. Yummy, highly recommended dish! The super-thin crust of the dish welly bake, and it is super crusty when served.

Lastly, wince our main mission is to refresh our thirst, the Macha Iced, topped with Japanese red bean and chestnut seriously will light up your day. The sweetness of the matcha syrup is well harmonized by the milk and red bean, along with the icy yet chewy mochi served. Yes, another highly reccomended.
Mochi that comes along has already has its flavour, which will even lifted up when scooped along with the matcha ice!

Well, if you are looking for a quench in the mid-noon, consider this place!

Oh gadgets, world of gadgets (3)!

  So I thought I will never support the ACER ever since my last bad experience with them.
You will be heart-broken when the laaptop has walk you through so many seet and sours in life, 
in the end, broken, and successfully made himself into a panel-like lappy. 

So, I've been cruising lappy as I need to get rid of my laggy, lowly-performed, and also somewhat paraalyzed battle-mate.

And you showed up, my friend, my dear, my everything!

So, may I present to you ladies and gentleman, Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820TG, a.k.a. my lovely new companion!

Build inside was the medium range i5-450M processor, along with a ATi Radeon 5650 GPU, this guys is seriously cool! come with 4GB RAM and 3MB L3 cache, it able to perform up to 2.4GHz as compare to my last lover 1.6GHz. Phew~ do not doubt that I was paid by Acer to say this, but, at this price range, it is seriously a good lappy that you could look for!

The sleek design of the keyboard, long with the brushed metallic surface of the back panel, this lovely comes with ultra-thin LED panel which support 16:9HD output! 

The only shortage is that prolly this 13.3" display may not be useful for your need in some big action gaming, but sufficient much on the other processing or entertainment needs!

People. Welcome to the world where money rules!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Place I Must Visit Before Leaving Earth (1)

One does not have many years of live on earth.
People will eventually heads to purgatory or heaven, some, hell.

I have a dream,
to list down all the corners on earth to be visited before leaving earth.

First to first - The Aegan Sea.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Third Attempt

See, after two, it will always comes the three!
Been to the PIKOM Aug in KLCC, and also tried out some skill for portrait shooting.

Sigh~ I need more practice on this! I'm insulting my darling D3K!!
But still, i guess this will be the best of all pic I've taken!
 Give some comment which will improve my skill, will ya?