Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh, Are We There Already?

Been keeping back in touch with a long lost friend, and ended up at her wedding.
the first moment saw her at the altar, signing their marital certificate, my first response is:
Oh, we are at this age already?
Planning a wedding is not easy, not to mention the effort of managing with tens of years of your life.
This is the first of the old friends who are getting owned, which I also can't help but to think
Should I be worried as I'm still single?
Though sometimes they say looking for the woman who carries your rib bone is not easy, at least not as easy as Eve was created. Imagine how sweet is the feeling when you are holding your beloved hands, sincerely believing he/she is the one you will be spending your future with.
It was just like yesterday we've been bidding each other farewell on our high school graduation,
joking around on our annual gathering at KC's place.
imagining you've shed off your band uniform into this elegant white gown, wow, time does fly ya?

A promise to keep,
A hand to hold,
A business to manage,
A lifetime to trust.

May Kent&Koyie be happily ever after! :)