Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Loh Mee @ Ulu Yam Lama, Selangor

So it's has been a while since my last Loh Mee.
This dish has actually equated to patient as we usually have this dish at Tai Chao without all the crackling.

So here I am again, with this dish, along with some rice vinegar.

The shop which we visited before heading up to Fraser's Hill, Swee Yen Restaurant at Ulu Yam Lama, was tad famou for its Loh Mee. Surprisingly, when i was Ovi Map-ing for the location of interest round Ulu Yam, this
"Ulu Yam Loh Mee" has actually bumped into one of the landmark! Well, that tells how famous it was as it was actually mapped onto the Ovi!

After spending quite a few turning and sense of uncertain, we've finally reached at the doorstep of the shop.
Although it was not a very hot morning, still, the stuffiness of the weather was unbearable as we have 5 full grown adult in a car!

Thank goodness it was actually air-conditioned! We were served with some chilling jackfruit and super cooling and refreshing iced honey lemon tea (which IMHO tad expensive which costs RM12 for the volume of 4 glasses!).
some chilling jackfruit

The main dish was served after the yummy fish cake, which i always thought the fish cake was so artificial that i would not bother to order from the menu. surprisingly, or may be the hunger-drive, it was so yummy with the outter crisp and slight chewy within.

crisp deep fried fishcake

Finally, the main dish was served. The famous Loh Mee along with some side dish we ordered.
 curry wild boar (left), fried potato leaves (up), dried chilli sleeve fish (dn)
Loh Mee

Frankly speaking, I will not be a LOHMEEFANATICs based on the noodle they served.
But, yes, i will be all CRAAAZZZYYYY for the curry wildboar! It was so tender and succulent, served well with the crunchy long beans, along with the exact amount of curry powder to overcome the boar taint. I'm so in love with the dish! 

Well, for those who intended to try out the local products, they do have honey for sale. The meal was generally okay, but would not advise you purposely drove all the way from down town, unless you're passing by the town from Genting *ehem*.