Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tandoori @ Pak Putra, Melaka

So if I were to ask around my friends or any mamak-kaki, the most expensive yet simple dish on the marmaque menu?
I'm assuming that I will get -- TANDOORI!

In KL, or i would say Klang valley area, the price of tandoori may be from RM4 to some reaching tens of ringgit for a piece of tandoori drumstick or a breast. This is a very yummy delicacies, but also, some may not willing to pay that much for the tandoori - which in my past experience - they always served dry and lack of taste.

But you might want to switch your prespective when you have a chance to set foor in this particular stall - Pak Putra Restoran.
By the time we arrive, the restaurant itself was crowded with people from round the town! According to Ryanne, the shop doesn't run his order by sequence, nor by the first come first serve basis, but at random! Imagine you were to arrive when 10 groups of peopledoes at simultaneeously, according to p(x) theory, you need to compete with 10 of them to get your food served!

Luckily we are blessed by the Goddess of Fortune. We have our food served within just 20 minutes, which is much much shorter compare to the two hours my friend has waited!
Now let's get back to the food business.
I can't really said this is the best chicken I've ever had, but definitely THE BEST tandoori that I've ever had! The drumstick I had is just cooked and you can still taste the juice of the meaty flesh which bounded inside after the long hours of char grill!

Well, I might also go back for the delicious cheese naan, where no other stall may serve the Cheese as CHEEZY as this particular naan!

So, tips of advice. You may not want to miss this for your next foot-stepped into Melaka, they are not just satay celup there!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh gadgets, world of gadgets (4)

I finally realized that i won't be able to save up as this is just the Hell of Gadget Temptation!

If you're a frequent long distance traveller, you definitely will need a portable media player.
I'm not that into Apple, which always make people forgot how good is Orange/Banana/Papaya etc etc,
but I still want to get a hold on the long battery life media player like this:
And i'm so loving this!