Monday, July 04, 2011

A New Milestones

Some people asked was it worth to forgo my two years experience in Food Industry just because a better pay offer.
Some even asked was it really that matters that you have a better pay job?
Some said the otherwise, some did really show some support in which they phrased it the other way: You are looking into new perspective. Your past two years is not a limitation but a stepping stone.

Before I leave, I was trying so hard struggle to stay back as I know there's some challenege for me.
But I know if I were to stay put I will not go as far. I will build a fortress around what I have working my ass off after and I will be blinded by it. And all it means stagnant.

Some just feels it's kinda wasted since i will polish my resume super nicely should I stay put for a little while more. I notice something. I had this job offered without even the polish of it. So how should I begin? To say this job does not provide me the sense of security? Or maybe I know I would not have prosper in this? or maybe I was so naive thinking that I deserves better but I was barely anyone. This is pathetic. I don't really blame others. I know what a chaotic and mess which this led to.

So I rather refresh the page of my life, by being at the lowest in the foodchain again. I rather run back into the same quagmire which barely has escaped a year ago. There maybe surprises or new sparks, there maybe not. But I hope I had did the right thing. I just told others that do not regret what you chose, for you have chosen. I should practice what I preached.

Grass maybe greener on the other side.
Who cares.