Saturday, January 11, 2014


"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".
Ever since the trailer was available online it has always been the most wanted to watch show on my list.
Finally, I've determined to leave my ugly man cave and decided to get a "life".

The movie started at describing the mid-life crisis of Walter Mitty, which, kinda approaching my life in near future. And then he's decided to track down the assignment of No 25, from Greenland to Iceland, back to US and set on foot again from Yemen to Afghanistan to the top of the world at Himalayan peak.

This takes some sort of courage.
Though some of the plot we may rolling on the floor laughing at his quirky sense of humour, but the underlying side of the acts lies certain degree of truth which we used to deny much.

The travelling and adventures has brought my mind back to the European Getaway I had last year.
I must admit, for that few seconds, I did zoned out like Walter did. Sometimes you just can't help but to scrutinize the every wonderful travel moment, be it from the mesmerizing Prague or to the Vatican in awe.

This takes some level of determination in oneself, too.
For this brand new year, I shall try to accomplish some task which is long due in life. Like taking up a further degree perhaps? Or carry forward my last year's resolution in searching my "rib-carrier"? Haha...An adventurous year to be unfold!